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Surround Sound Team is the leading surround sound service provider, we specialize in commercial and residential audio and video systems, control systems and home theater surround sound. We are here to provide a variety of home and commercial entertainment solutions. We are dedicated to ensure our clients have home theater rooms and systems, family room theater installation, proper TV installations and home theater surround sound system and corporate boardroom, retail and restaurant audio and video systems. Contact us today and have all your surround sound needs handled by the experts.


Commercial applications

We work with builders and contractors and we install low voltage wiring systems for phones, audio, data and security systems. We also work with retailers and entertainment establishments and we install cutting edge video and audio systems for commercial use in stores, restaurants, bars and other entertainment places. Our specialists will also design and upgrade your office conference rooms and board rooms if you want the surround sound in these places improved.


Components of home theatre

There is more to building a proper home theatre system than locating a new DVD system in the corner of the room and trailing the cables across a floor to the surround sound speakers. The home theater comprises of various components:

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A structured wiring system; this component is probably the most important of the overall system and it requires to be catered for when wiring the home. Installation is relatively simple and it involves the running of 14 gauge speaker cable from a home theatre main plate to each of the in-wall or in-ceiling speaker points in the room. It is very crucial that the wiring system be implemented properly to ensure the working of the surround effect.

A television; it provides a gorgeous picture which is the focal point of many home theater systems. More TVs are of high def. and provides a stunning, high resolution pictures and some even have 3-D experience in the comfort of your home. LCD television has to be placed properly for optimum comfortability. If you have a TV you will need plenty of high definition video sources such as the Blu -ray player which gives the sharpest picture possible.

A home theater receiver; a home theater receiver is needed in order for you to enjoy the surround sound. It acts as the control center for audio; it processes audio signals, amplifies them and sends them to the speakers. All home theater receivers can process and amplify multichannel surround sound as well as stereo audio since they have built in surround sound decoding. Home theater receiver can be used to manage video as well as audio.

Speakers and a subwoofer; you faithfully recreate the larger than life wraparound excitement of movie theater sound you need at least five matched speakers and a subwoofer. At Surround Sound Team we have a pre-matched speaker system so you do not have to worry about voice-matching. For more information on what speakers does and how to choose the guide accompanying the package will guide you.

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